How to pack your trek bag

How to pack your trek bag efficiently – Packing skill you must learn before you go for trekking

Pack your trek bag
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Packing is a must have skill for trekking. But you starting packing your bag for your upcoming trek you know some of the basics about it.

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Packing tips

When it comes to packing for a trek in an efficient way so that you have maximum flexibility with minimum weight, we follow the following trekking packing principles. A special care need to be taken to eliminate air space when your are packing.

Pack in layers – You have to separate out your entire bag space to 3 different parts.

Bottom : Sleeping bag: Make this your base layer. Sleeping bags tend to be voluminous, but do not weigh much. They’re perfect for the bottom of the bag.
Tent: Just like the sleeping bag, even tents are voluminous and light. Keep the tent poles separately and place the fabric at the bottom of the backpack.

Middle : Heavy jacket: Roll up the jacket in a tight ball and place it in the middle of the backpack, close to your back. The middle region of the backpack should always have the heaviest items. You can store other things like ration or mini stoves in the middle.
Other clothes: Roll other clothes and place them in the remaining space, to fill air gaps.

Top : Water: Water, although heavy, needs to be easily accessible. So put it in the top most region of your backpack.
Medicine box: This is another component that you wouldn’t want to be scavenging for when in need.
Poncho: It could rain at any time in the mountains. So, ponchos should be accessible easily. Also, having a waterproof poncho at the top of the backpack provides additional waterproofing to items in the bag.

Written by Sudip Mitra

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