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How to shoot videos and photos on a trek

Blogging during your trek | Videography during your terk | Equipments you need

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels
If you are a a adventure lover and love to go on a hiking and trekking then you must be knowing this fact having even a extra pack of shocks seems heavier at times. That being said, if you want to blog and love to capture your precious moments in your videos and photos then this is a must read for you. When it comes to capturing good photos and mind blowing videos, most of the times the equipment comes to your mind is a good dslr or full frame camera. But when it come to high altitude trekking or hiking in a tough terrain, you must take extra importance on the weight of the equipment.
When a pair of shocks or trousers can be heavier, then you can imagine how it will be to carry a heavy camera with you. But capturing good quality content is also necessary right ? Don’t be upset, I have a solution for your problem. Here comes the new generation camera list and gears that I use for capturing my moments of glory of reaching a high altitude peak. I have used these gears and very easily carried them on my back pack to the high altitude trek like Rupin Pass.
When you want to reduce the size of your camera significantly without loosing much of a quality, then action cameras are your best bet. I use Go Pro hero 6 black.

Go pro

Either I install it on my head with a head band or on my shoulder stuck it to my bag strap. It has 12 MP camera with ability to shoot amazing 4k quality video in 60 fps and 1080 in 240 fps. It has several other features like time lapse, hyper lapse, in camera stabilization and many more. Above all it is water and dust proof. So you can be worry less with this kind of a camera in a tough weather condition. It has a option of shooting in different camera angle such as wide, super wide and linear.

Written by Sudip Mitra

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