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Mandarmoni sea beach

Mandarmoni sea beach tourist attaction


Mandarmoni is the most loved sea beach in the state West Bengal. This is the only place where you can have the experience of exquisite beach holiday. Here you will find a lot of average to high quality hotels and resorts that you can book based on your budget and preferences. Most of the top hotels and resorts are on the sea beach and at the time of high tie you can see sea touching the boundaries of the hotels. Lying on a beach chair watching the vast see just in front of you touching your legs is a fabulous experience any beach holiday goers can expect.

This is the best beach you can find in West Bengal, so no need to mention it is a bit costlier than other option that you have. But that does not mean that it will leave a big whole in your pocket.

This Mandarmoni will amaze you in its every form, whether you are a honeymoon couple, lovers, or group of friends partying our there.

Almost all the hotels here are having exquisite delicacy of sea food available in their menu. Sipping in a glass of beer with a bite of seafood platters, are the dream comes true for any beach holiday goers.

You can indulge in lots of other activities depending on your choice. However, off late due to an fatal accident some of the adventure sports had been discontinued based on govt order.

Written by Sudip Mitra

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